Tips for a weed free shoreline

Follow these steps and enjoy a weed free shoreline this summer!

  1. Create a buffer strip of natural vegetation between you and the lake.
    • Lawn meeting water is an invitation to Geese and other waterfowl.
    • Lawn meeting lake will encourage erosion. Erosion has phosphates bound to soil particles. This soil stimulates weed growth.
  2. Make sure the septic system is working right.
  3. Use phosphate free soaps and detergents.
  4. When doing construction, take measures to limit erosion of sediment into the water.
  5. Try not to disturb the lake bottom. Turning bottom is like a farmer tilling a field.
  6. Cutting of weeds will encourage their return thicker than before and cut weeds can and will vegetatively reproduce if they float away.
  7. Post signs at all boat launches warning boaters to clean trailers and empty bilge tanks and reservoirs on boats and watercraft.

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