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Invasive Milfoil Controlled

Our association has used Peerless since 2016 to treat excessive milfoil with good results using the approved herbicide, Reward. Noticeable die back typically takes 6-8 days and after 10 we are left with natural bottom dwelling vegetation that is herbicide resistant and begins to re-establish once the milfoil canopy is reduced. This is in line with our Associations efforts to re-establish native species towards a goal of a balanced native aquatic habitat. Invasive milfoil is an aggressive plant and not easily eradicated so annual spot treatment is required to control more problematic areas. Milfoil, depending on the season and factors beyond our control (sunlight, water depth etc.) can sometimes begin to reappear (here & there) late August or September however the enjoyment factor during the most desirable period of summer is significant. Our association does engage third party professionals to sample water pre and post application to monitor habitat impact. That said, we do observe the cautions required on the MOE permit for irrigation, swimming etc. and have had no issues or concerns. We would not hesitate to recommend Peerless, our association has used virtually every method to control milfoil and the herbicide is by far the most cost effective when evaluating man hours, frustration and inconvenience associated with other control methods. Dave R.

Fun in the Sun!

The whole reason I wanted to be on the lake, was to have fun in the sun with my family. I can do this now that the weeds are gone. Thank you so much! NY, Puslinch Lake

We Can Finally Swim Off The Dock!

We have never been able to swim off our dock. Now we can PC Glouster, Trent Severn Waterway

Can See The Lake Bottom…The Weeds Are Gone!

“We can see clear lake bottom. …… most of weeds after years of spraying are gone” DT Cambridge
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