Aquacare Permit Process

Aquacare permits


We require aquacare permits from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and other governing bodies to do our work.   We obtain these permits annually for our clients.

Permits specify when we can spray.  The optimum time to spray sub-surface invasive weeds and pond vegetation weeds in in June/July.  Permits also outline safety requirements post-application.   Peerless Aquacare exercises extra professional care and doubles these safety conditions.

The product is applied from a boat and sprayed over the surface of the water from where it sinks down to the bottom.  As it kills weeds, they die and sink to the bottom.  The product then degrades at the bottom of the lake or pond.   The process however, needs to be repeated annually.


  1.  Get a quote from us and approve our small annual fee.
  2. Fill out a permit request form (either a new first-time request or a renewal request).   We will send you the appropriate link to the on-line forms, which are not open to the public.
  3.  Finally inform your adjacent neighbours and have them sign acknowledgement forms (we will also send you a link to these too), so they are aware of the water weed control services you will be having done.   aq

Step 1 and 2 (Request Quote and We Obtain Permit)

Aquacare Permit process flow chart

Step 3 (Adjacent Neighbour Acknowledgement )

adjacent neighbour diagram shows applicant and adjacent neighbours on either side

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Exception to Process

For Clients On Any Trent Severn Waterway Controlled Lakes (Except Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay Or Lake Couchiching):

The Trent Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada, which falls under Parks Canada, has its own fees and permits for aquatic weed spraying that go above and beyond the MECP requirements.   Clients with waterfront properties on the Trent-Severn Waterway will need to obtain a Park Canada permit on their own.  Once that is presented to us, we will apply for the MECP permit.   If you already have a Parks Canada Permit, you can get a head start by sharing it with us.  

To assist you, here are the forms you will need to apply for your Parks Canada permit:

As well, here is some information on the Trent Severn Waterway Commission and why these waterways have a different process:

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